During the interview, Dr. Sadiq discusses the preliminary analysis of results from our FDA-approved stem cell treatment study and the exciting implications they could have for MS treatment moving forward.

He also gives listeners further background on our center and some of the other groundbreaking... more


Happy Father's Day from... more

Tisch MSRCNY, and our FDA-approved stem cell treatment study, have been featured in an article in BioSpace.

Drawing from interviews with Dr. Sadiq and Dr. Harris, this piece highlights the great progress that our stem cell treatment research has seen so far, and the tremendous impact we expect the results to have on treating MS and other neurodegenerative diseases in the future.
The piece also highlights the center’s extensive history in working toward... more


We are excited to see one of our wonderful patients share her story with CNN! 

You can read more about Jamie-Lynn's journey juggling motherhood, a career in acting, and her MS diagnosis here

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In appreciation of our staff’s hard wo... more

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Team Tisch MS is participating in the TCS New York City Marathon on November 6th.
Please contact ... more

In case you missed it, check out everything happening at

the IMSMP and Tisch MSRCNY in the latest issue of Healing MS:

https... more


Please take note that the infusion suite will be undergoing renovations for the next 3 months and will be utilizing an alternate space at the IMSMP for your infusion. For the time being, the infusion suite will be relocated to the Seidler Conference room, located on the 4th floor. Although there may be a minor impact on scheduling, the interim location ensures that patients will continue their infusions without interruption.  

It is imperative to arrive for your infusion at the... more



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