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How Do You Treat Multiple Sclerosis?

Patient Education is a Key Factor

If you or someone you know struggles with multiple sclerosis or has just been diagnosed — chances are you have a number of questions, like how to treat Multiple Sclerosis? Whether you are diagnosed with RRMS, SPMS, or PPMS, our neurologists can provide a wealth of information and research in every area and will explain things in a way that is easy to understand, with every question answered.

Treat Multiple Sclerosis

We Will Never Stop Trying 

Time and again, we have heard patients are told, "There is nothing left to try." At the IMSMP, by thinking outside of the box, we will continue to push the boundaries of MS treatments and healthcare. With a comprehensive, tailor-made management plan and a cutting-edge research center in your corner, there will always be something to try.

"I have witnessed great strength, courage, and resilience in our patients. They never give up and neither will we." - Saud A. Sadiq, MD, FAAN


Because you deserve only the best in MS healthcare. Experience the difference.

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