Frequently Asked Questions

Please call the IMSMP at (212) 265-8070 for further information and appointments. Below are some frequently asked questions that may also be of assistance.


How do I reach different departments within the IMSMP?

During normal business hours and on most Saturdays, there is always a live person answering the main line (212-265-8070). The administrative staff member who answers your call will direct you to the staff person who can help you. I have a new symptom, what do I do? Every day, one nurse's entire job is to answer patient phone calls and communicate your needs to the doctor. Your phone calls always get a response that same day. Within a couple of hours of your call, the nurse will have spoken to your doctor about your problem, and them or your doctor will call you back to discuss your symptoms and tell you what to do.


I want to talk directly to my doctor. What is the best and quickest way to get to him?

The short answer is that it depends on the situation. If you have a new symptom, the quickest way to get an answer is to talk first to a nurse, because they have the fastest access to your doctor. If you tell the nurse that you want to speak with your doctor, they will make sure he calls you that day or evening. If you have a question about your treatment plan, want to change a medication, or have a more broad question about your MS or treatment, you need to have a longer conversation with your doctor than a brief phone call can accomplish. Call a nurse, speak to them about it, and they will suggest that you either speak to your MD at your next visit or have a scheduled phone consult with your doctor.


How can I prepare for an office visit with my doctor?

Keep a medication list with every medication you take, including prescription, over the counter, and alternative medications. It is very important that your doctor knows about everything you take. Keep your list updated anytime you start or stop a medication or the dose changes. In between office visits, keep a running list of questions for the doctor, symptoms you experience, or problems you have. It is easier to have every question answered and to get the most out of your time, when you have those questions and issues written down right in front of you. Some patients find it helpful to send a list of questions to their doctor about a week before their visit so that he is aware of what is on your mind ahead of time and can devote enough time to your questions. If you're coming to the Center for the first time, please review: Preparing for Your New Patient Visit


How do I find out the results of my urine/blood test or MRI?

We always call you with the results of your urine tests. Please always make sure we know the name and phone number of the facility where you leave your sample. As long as the nurses are aware that you have given a sample, you will get a call back within 72 hours with your results and treatment regimen. Blood tests are monitored by your MD. If the results are normal, you will not receive a call back. A nurse will call you if your test shows anything abnormal. If you want to check to see if we have your results, feel free to call. If you have an office visit scheduled in the near future, MRI results will be discussed at that visit. If he is not going to see you for a while, your doctor will call you with the results.


I have to learn how to self-inject a medication. Can someone at the IMSMP help me?

When you are prescribed a self-injectable medication, your doctor will set you up for a one-on-one training session with one of our MS-specialist nurses. You can bring a family member, partner or friend to learn, too. You will spend as much time as you need learning about the medication, the process of injection, and how to alleviate any side effects or anxiety about injecting. To learn more about this appointment, please review: Injection & Medication Counseling The social work department also provides counseling for injection anxiety/needle phobia for anyone who is having difficulty injecting because of anxiety.


How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

If you need a refill, please tell the administrative staff member who answers the phone and they will transfer you to our dedicated prescription line. Please call before you are down to your last pill. If you need a prescription called in that same day, be sure to call the prescription line before 3PM. If you call after 3PM, it will not be called in until the next business day.


How long do I have to wait to get my forms completed?

Please be sure to send your forms for parking permits, employment, jury duty, etc... to us as soon as you receive them. We guarantee that your forms will be completed and sent out within 7 days of our receiving them.


My insurance at work is changing, and I have options from which to choose. I don't know which to pick. Who can help me?

The social work department provides counseling to help you consider all of your insurance options, suggest the most important coverage to have, and advise you which questions to ask of the insurance companies. You can reach the social work department by calling (212) 265-8070.


I don't understand the bill I received. With whom at the IMSMP should I speak?

If you have a question about a bill you received from us, our office manager or practice director can assist you when you call our main phone number.


Why do I need to give a copy of my insurance card to your office if you do not accept my insurance?

In the event that you need a procedure and/or treatment, we will bill your insurance company first and then we will bill you for the difference. You will be responsible for your yearly deductible and, in some cases, your coinsurance. Also, certain tests like MRI's and CT's require preauthorization through most health insurances. We need your insurance information to ensure that your test will be covered.


Since my last visit to the IMSMP, my health insurance, address or phone number has changed. Who should I notify at the IMSMP?

Please call one of the administrative staff members as soon as any of your contact or insurance information has changed, especially if you receive any treatments or infusions at our center. Some of the IV treatments we provide need preauthorization and that may be a lengthy process. When you come in for your next office visit, you will need to fill out a new registration form and make a copy of your new insurance card.


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