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Our Infusion Suite for MS Treatment

The spacious, bright, and airy Infusion Suite for MS can accommodate 18 patients at a time and is one of the first outpatient centers in the United States to offer service seven days a week. Infusions are made more comfortable with large, inviting treatment chairs, blankets, a personal iPad available upon request, and a coffee and snack bar.

A private infusion suite is also available for patients who desire more solitude during their treatment. For an additional fee, patients can enjoy this private, hardwood floored room complete with a comfortable chair, high-speed internet access, and a private restroom. A personal concierge provides you with a mini-bar of complimentary gourmet coffee and snacks. Delivery of meals from local restaurants is also available. The infusion suite is staffed by oncology-trained nurses whose extensive knowledge of preparing, administering, and monitoring patients during intravenous infusions is essential to our patient's safety and peace of mind. Their vast experience with IV placement ensures that even patients with poor IV access will receive their IV medications with the least amount of discomfort. A nurses' aide is also present in the suite to closely monitor patients clinically as well as assist in making our patients as comfortable as possible. An IMSMP physician is always present in the center while IV treatments are in process. 

Recently, the Infusion Suite underwent a major renovation and expansion that enhanced privacy and comfort for our patients receiving various intravenous treatments.


Important Reminders:

  • Please arrive at your scheduled time and notify the office if you will be significantly delayed. If there is a problem on the weekend, please page the doctor on call by calling 212-265-8070.
  • Be sure to hydrate well on the night before and morning of your infusion. See below for a complete list of recommendations for your Infusion day.
  • Generally, it is advisable to call ahead if you know that you will need prescriptions or you would like to try to meet with a physician. This way, we can do our best to accommodate your request.
  • If your treatment is ongoing, please schedule your next visit before leaving.
  • If for any reason you’ve had a change in your medical status or are not feeling well, always call the nurse's line and confirm it is safe to infuse/ receive treatment.


Preparing for Your Infusion Day at the IMSMP:

Prepare your body

An infusion means getting an IV, and the best thing you can do to prepare for it is to be properly hydrated. In the days before your infusion, drink plenty of water and electrolyte-rich fluids (ex: Gatorade, Propel, Coconut water) and try to avoid excessive caffeine. Being well-rested is always a good idea, but we understand it can be a challenge for some. If sleep is an issue for you, attempt to put forth some extra effort into getting quality sleep and rest in the several days before your infusion.

Bringing a friend to your Infusion

You can bring a friend or family member to your infusion as they can help in several ways. If you are nervous about the infusion, having a friend can help decrease your anxiety. If your plus one can also drive you to the infusion location, that can take a lot of pressure off your day. Having a driver can also be helpful in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, or even if you just don't feel quite up to driving yourself home. A friend can also help you remember any special directions that are given to you by your doctor or nurse before you leave the infusion center. Please be mindful to limit your companion to 1 visitor, as seating can be limited. Children under the age of 10 are not permitted in the Infusion Suite.

Dressing for your Infusion

You will want to be comfortable and dress in a way that makes you feel best. For some, that may mean athletic pants and a sweatshirt, or loose-fitting clothing that is not constricting. Be mindful that your nurses will need access to your arms for IV placement, therefore loose-fitting tops are recommended.

Bring something to do on Infusion day

When you have an infusion, you will be seated on a comfortable infusion chair which will have options to recline. You will be seated for most of your infusion day therefore, having something to do will be important. You can bring a book or magazine, but you could also catch up on emails, knit, write a letter, or do crossword or sudoku puzzles. You may also bring in a laptop/iPad with headphones if you’d like to surf the web/watch movies. Please be mindful, that the Infusion Suite is a shared common space, and noises are encouraged to be kept at low volumes, not to be disruptive to others. Your nurses create a quiet, calming environment for the comfort of all.

Bring Food/Snacks

Depending on your Infusion, please anticipate being here for most of the day. You can check in with the staff if you would like to get a more tailored timeframe, specific to your infusion. We encourage you to bring food with you. The infusion suite is equipped with a variety of refreshments including coffee/tea/snacks. Feel free to bring your favorite snacks, especially if you have food sensitivities. If your infusion is several hours long and in the event, you don’t bring your food with you, the infusion nurses can provide a menu from local restaurants for delivery. Please be mindful, that delivery personnel are not permitted to the Infusion Suite. An infusion staff member will need to go pick up your order, which may be challenging if the day is eventful/demanding. Unfortunately, this does not apply to infusions on the weekends. Staff cannot accept any food deliveries, and bringing your food is recommended.

Plan to go home and rest after the Infusion

People can have different reactions to an infusion: some people may feel no different, but others may be fatigued or drowsy. Some people have reported feeling as though they have more energy when they finish an infusion. However you feel afterward, you will need to take care of yourself, and that means keeping stress under control, having a healthy meal, and getting some rest. Ideally, you will have your friend or family member drive you home where you can recharge and prepare to return to your normal activities, such as work or school, the day after your infusion. You should have the phone number for your physician’s office handy in case you have any further questions.

Download PDF of Preparing for Your Infusion Day




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