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How Do I Make An Appointment at the IMSMP?

Please call 212-265-8070 to speak with a member of our secretarial staff. They will be happy to guide you through the process of becoming a new MS Patient. We welcome all inquiries and feel privileged to have you consider us as your MS healthcare provider. Experience everything our office can offer. Experience how healthcare should be.

An IMSMP staff member can answer your questions in the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese), English, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Urdu. 

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New Patient Questions:

I have a local neurologist. Do I need an MS Specialist?

We feel it’s important for the patient to decide what the advantages are to placing your care in the hands of an MS Specialist. Allow yourself to experience the difference between a neurologist and an MS Specialist first hand. At the IMSMP, we treat the patient, not just the disease. We understand each patient has a different history, with individual symptoms and concerns. Our goal is to create a management plan geared specifically to every patient’s unique circumstances. Our two attending physicians have all completed two-year fellowships under the direction and guidance of Dr. Saud A. Sadiq. Patients benefit from the domain expertise, research, and commitment our physicians have dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis.


What happens during my initial visit to the IMSMP?

The initial visit with an MS physician at the center is split into two parts. The first time you meet your doctor, he will spend two hours with you. During this ASSESSMENT visit, he will listen to your history and symptoms and perform a full neurological examination. Your doctor may then decide to send you for additional diagnostic tests, if necessary, in order to complete your assessment. Shortly after that initial visit, you will return for a MANAGEMENT visit, in which your doctor will spend as much time as you need discussing a comprehensive plan for your care. Having a companion with you during the visits is highly recommended, especially for the second visit. This approach is designed to ensure that our patients have ample time with the doctor to address every aspect of their disease right from the initial encounter. We strive for our patients to feel much thought has been given to their individual needs and that they are able to establish a significant relationship with their physician as soon as possible.


Can I choose which doctor I would like to see?

Yes. The IMSMP has three neurologists who have dedicated their life’s work to multiple sclerosis. Appointments may be scheduled with James W. Stark, MD, FAAN, Armistead D. Williams, III, MD, or the Practice Director, Saud A. Sadiq, MD, FAAN.


How much does an initial consult cost?

There are different fees for the various physicians at the IMSMP. Please speak with a member of our administrative staff to discuss the various options.


I was recently diagnosed with MS. Why should I come to the IMSMP?

Patients from all over the world come to the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice for the best MS healthcare. We have established a comprehensive level of care for individualized, compassionate attention to patients’ needs and well-being rarely found in today’s healthcare environment. The close relationship of Tisch MS Research Center of New York and the clinical practice, the IMSMP helps to test new treatments for MS and easily moves research discoveries into applications to treat symptoms of MS and halt or reverse damage caused by the disease. Patients benefit from the research laboratory by investigations into the cause of MS, disease mechanisms and devotion to the latest technology to improve MS treatment and care. Patients benefit from the clinical practice by the services offered in our comprehensive care model and knowing they have the experience of the best MS Specialists. 


I don’t live in New York and it’s hard for me to travel. How often will I be seen at the office?

At the IMSMP, we understand the challenges our patients face in traveling to doctor’s appointments. Routine office visits with your physician may take place annually or semi-annually. If additional appointments are necessary, such as procedures or infusions, our administrative staff will work with you to accommodate your busy schedule. Patients traveling from out of town may also be given weekend appointments if they find it more convenient.


For privacy concerns, I do not wish to receive mail from the MS Center. Who should I communicate this to?

At the IMSMP, we respect our patient's privacy and requests regarding the Center. Please let a member of the administrative staff know you do not wish to receive mail to the address you provided. A note will be made in your chart and account in our database.


Because you deserve only the best in MS healthcare. Experience the difference.

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