Nursing Care for MS

Compassionate Nursing Care for MS

The Nursing Department of the IMSMP is comprised of clinical nurse specialists, infusion nurses, and research nurses specializing in Nursing Care for MS. The nurses at the IMSMP have extensive experience in caring for people with MS. The nurses play an essential role as the interactions between the patients and family members become the foundation of the IMSMP’s all-encompassing philosophy of care. The nursing team provides a high level of care focusing on: comprehensive nursing assessments, symptom management, and coordinating care with other departments at the IMSMP. 

To further ensure an unparalleled level of nursing excellence, within the department, our nurses have their own subspecialties, including:

  • Nurses trained to master a variety of procedures, including the management of intrathecal pumps, as well as to expertly assist physicians' procedures.
  • Research nurses specifically designated to liaison with Tisch MS Research Center of New York, facilitating the seamless interaction between the two organizations. 
  • Oncology-trained infusion nurses, dedicated to managing infusion medications and masterfully adept at intravenous access, even with patients for whom IV access may be challenging. 
  • Nurses with expertise in the evaluation and management of MS-related complications and symptoms. 

Nursing Phone Service

The IMSMP nurses staff a phone line from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, and most Saturdays, that is dedicated to addressing patients' concerns. One of our MS-trained registered nurses is assigned to the nurses' line each day to field calls from patients. Patients are encouraged to call if they experience new symptoms, have questions about medications or treatments, or simply want to give us updates on their condition. Throughout the day, the nurse consults with the physician and returns the patient's call by the end of the day.

Prescription Line

The prescription line is a dedicated message system which allows patients to call their request for refills into the nurses in an efficient, streamlined process. All prescription requests phoned in before 3 PM on weekdays are processed that day and after 3 PM, are processed the next business day. Requests for medication prior authorizations can also be called into the nursing prescription line.


Physical Assessment 

An MS-trained nurse takes part in every patient's visit by performing a comprehensive nursing assessment. This includes vital signs, current medications, and an evaluation focused on the patient's chief complaint and new or worsening symptoms. Following the nursing assessment, the nurse and the doctor discuss the patient's current issues. This allows the doctor to spend more time focusing on the patient's most important needs. The nurse is also present at the time of the neurological exam, as this provides for continuity of care.

MS Research

Nurses at the IMSMP work closely with our on-site research laboratory on the Tisch MS Research Center of New York's own studies. They also participate as sub-investigators and coordinators in numerous clinical trials for MS treatments involving our patients.




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