Naturopathic Medicine

How Can You Treat Multiple Sclerosis Holistically?

Dr. Deneb Bates, Naturopathic DoctorMany people with MS are motivated to do everything possible to optimize their health and success, and many seek the help of holistic, integrative or alternative medicine to help them feel better, cope better, and do better. Naturopathic medicine provides this perspective as an important part of the comprehensive services offered at the IMSMP.

Naturopathic care promotes overall health by addressing nutritional, lifestyle, environmental, and stress-related factors that may underlie disease. Naturopathic doctors are the professional experts in the use of natural therapies, such as: clinical nutrition, dietary supplements, botanical medicine, and interactions between drugs, herbs, and supplements.

In partnership with your neurologist, Dr. Deneb Bates, the IMSMP's Naturopathic doctor, will help you by recommending individualized healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices, identifying and minimizing aggravating causes of illness--such as stress, hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, and suggesting natural treatments that support healing and repair. Dr. Bates will help you integrate natural medicine safely into your overall treatment plan.

Naturopathic medicine is a key component of our new wellness program that provides patients with nutritional and holistic consultations and education, as well as meal preparation seminars.

What can you expect from a Naturopathic Health Consultation with Dr. Bates?

  • Integrative care in partnership with your neurologist at the IMSMP.
  • A comprehensive review of your personal health history and Naturopathic assessment of current health status.
  • Individualized recommendations for good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and dietary supplements.
  • Strategies to reduce inflammation and improve brain health and repair.
  • Suggestions for natural approaches that complement your neurological care to help you feel better, cope better, and do better.




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