The IMSMP has recently received many calls regarding progress in the development of vaccines for the novel coronavirus. Currently, data on the various vaccines is limited to what the pharmaceutical companies have released to the press. The data has not been peer-reviewed nor has been made public and, of course, there is no FDA-approved vaccine for COVID-19 at this time. We eagerly await more information regarding this extremely important topic, but we cannot make any specific recommendations...


As the coronavirus pandemic presses on and cases spike around the country, we continue to urge our patients to keep themselves and their families safe by limiting indoor gatherings and minimizing any unnecessary travel, particularly by public transportation and air flight. Continue to practice good preventative technique by wearing masks when appropriate, and being mindful to frequently wash your hands and social distance. We’ve heard from many of you over the last several months, and have...


The IMSMP would like to wish a Diwali that brings happiness, prosperity, and joy to all who are celebrating. Happy Diwali!


Happy Halloween from your friends at the IMSMP! We hope you have a spooktacular day!


As the holiday season approaches, many patients are inquiring about family gatherings, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While every family’s situation is different, there are some general guidelines to consider to minimize your risk. The larger the number of guests at an event is associated with a greater risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. The risk of spreading coronavirus is also clearly worse with indoor gatherings, especially ones where eating and drinking will limit the...


Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 positive cases throughout various neighborhoods in New York, the IMSMP & Tisch MSRCNY will remain extra vigilant to keep our patients safe. We will continue all safety measures and precautions already in place and would like to stress the importance of wearing masks combined with proper handwashing. We recommend the same precautions to our patients and remind everyone that COVID isn’t over so we need to double-down and continue to be vigilant in our...


G'mar Chatimah Tova! The IMSMP would like to wish our Jewish patients, friends, and supporters an easy fast on this Yom Kippur.


The IMSMP wishes everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah a meaningful and sweet new year. May it be filled with good health and happiness!


This week AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine trial was halted because one patient developed an unexpected adverse event called transverse myelitis, which is a broad term for inflammation of the spinal cord. Transverse myelitis has been rarely seen after certain vaccinations as well as after some viral infections. It is also commonly seen in patients with multiple sclerosis. While transverse myelitis from a vaccine is usually a one-time event (as opposed to ongoing inflammation in MS), it can...


In observance of Labor Day, the IMSMP will be closed beginning on Friday, September 4th, and will reopen on Tuesday, September 8th at 9:00 AM. A neurologist is on-call and may be reached at (212) 265-8070 for any MS-related emergencies. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! 



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