Healing MS Fall 2020

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Healing MS

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“A well-rounded medical program includes ensuring one’s physical, emotional, and nutritional well-being are addressed.”  -  Dr. Saud A. Sadiq

Although 2020 has been a challenging year for so many people, the construction of the new Wellness Center at the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice has continued. The completion and opening of this new state-of-the-art facility will take place this fall. The Wellness Center has been a vision of Dr. Saud A. Sadiq’s for over a decade.  His belief that the quality of care for patients with MS does not end with just prescribing the right disease-modifying treatment, has propelled this build-out forward.  Although physical therapy and naturopathic medicine have been available at the IMSMP for many years, the new Wellness Center will significantly expand the services offered in these departments. We spoke with Dr. Deneb Bates and Dr. Stephen Kanter to learn more:

Dr. Deneb Bates, Naturopathic Doctor:
“What I’m most excited about is the opportunity to translate the science of neurological and immune health into daily actions for people with MS, in the most enjoyable ways. At the Wellness Center, we will teach lifestyle strategies that manage stress, reduce autoimmunity, enhance neuroprotection, and promote neuroplasticity, while exploring tools for physical, mental, and spiritual balance.
Long-term coping with a chronic illness requires strength and resilience.  We’re not born with the resilience that we need to manage all of life’s challenges, but there are many tools that can help us become more resilient, and live vibrant and precious lives while dealing with MS.
Research has shown that ongoing stress management helps to reduce new lesions in people with MS. Stress management comes from engaging in Wellness activities as a part of daily life. Relaxation techniques, positive activities, management of insomnia and sexual dysfunction, cognitive restructuring, and enhanced social support are the non-drug ways to help treat MS through stress reduction and will be included in the offerings of the Wellness Center.
Science continues to shed light on the key features of a brain-healthy diet. Cooking classes in the teaching kitchen will explore how to reduce inflammation and autoimmunity with diet, how to cook with neuroprotective foods, how to improve the gut-brain axis with diet, and ways to utilize a fasting and refeeding program to improve stem cell function and neurological repair.
Improving vitality through physical health, resilience, and purpose is an ongoing and evolving life process. With a diversity of offerings, the IMSMP Wellness Center will provide the opportunity for each member to try on and explore different Wellness techniques specific to the needs of people with MS.”
Dr. Stephen Kanter, Director of Rehabilitation Services
“Our Department of Rehabilitation Services welcomed an occupational therapist in 2019 in anticipation of the Wellness Center opening this year.  Along with our three physical therapists, the addition of occupational therapy services puts the IMSMP at the level of all major rehabilitation departments who treat people with multiple sclerosis. In addition, the staff will include a wellness specialist and wellness consultants such as massage therapists, acupuncture, and PT subspecialists.

There will be an expansion of the current wellness offerings at the IMSMP. In addition to an exercise class, there will be many group activities to enhance one's physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. One-on-one personal training services will allow patients of all mobility levels to work toward strength and fitness goals that are beyond a traditional physical therapy program. 

Amongst the many unique services to be offered by the Department of Rehabilitation Services, are those offered in the new ADL (Activities of Daily Living) training spaces and balance room. The ADL training spaces offer patients and their caregivers the ability to learn to move and transfer safely within a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom environment. 

The Wellness Center at the IMSMP will be a place for all patients with multiple sclerosis to improve their physical and emotional health.  With our dedicated staff and new resources, we look forward to welcoming IMSMP patients later this year to experience a new way to take control of their MS.”

Dr. Saud A. Sadiq Featured on Future Proof,
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Normally, at this time of year, we would be preparing for our annual Patient Education Symposium and Future Without MS Gala. These events bring in donations from patients, friends, and supporters who travel near and far to learn about the groundbreaking research at Tisch MSRCNY.
Despite not having an in-person event this year, the Tisch MS lab still needs your critical support to keep the cutting-edge investigations going. 
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