I have to start by saying that every patient with MS is different so you really do need to speak to your doctor. Fingolimod (Gilenya) was approved about one year ago. There were some safety concerns in the trial including two fatal infections in a higher dose and multiple low-grade cancers in the currently available dose so we have been cautious about its use. However, no new safety concerns have arisen in the year since it has been on the market. The phase III trials for teriflunomide and...


Despite the unusual weather this weekend, we had a great patient symposium this year!!! We want to thank everyone that came out and participated. A special commendation to our symposium committee, especially Dr. Williams, for organizing this spectacular event. Over the next week or two, we will be posting questions and answers that came up during the event on the website as well as answers to some patient questions that we didn't have time for.


Phase III results for another emerging oral medication for MS were presented at ECTRIMS this weekend. The DEFINE trial evaluated the use of dimethyl fumarate (also known as BG-12) versus placebo in patients with MS. The study met the primary endpoint of a reduction in relapse rate as well as multiple MRI endpoints. The safety profile of this medication seems to be very good. Below is a link to an article with a nice summary of the results.



The New England Journal of Medicine has published results of the phase III teriflunomide trial (this center was not involved in this trial). Teriflunomide is a new oral medication developed to treat MS. The phase III data, in 1088 relapsing-remitting MS patients, is encouraging in that this medication showed a significant reduction in relapse rate and MRI endpoints over placebo (sugar pill). Importantly, the saftey profile of this drug is also encouraging. This drug is not yet been approved...


Please help us welcome our two new IMSMP nurses, Kamelle Neckles and Dorothy 'Dot' Kurdyla!! They will be buddying up with a senior nurse for the next few weeks. We're sure that they will make a great addition to our staff.


Dr. Stephen Kanter gave Grand Rounds this week, in which he spoke about 'Outcomes Measures for Patients with MS'. The excellent lecture focused on ways of monitoring patients disease activity with physical therapy and identifying and meeting goals of physical therapy for individual patients.



Dr. Sadiq was the speaker at journal club this week. He presented the article: "Intravenous gammaglobulin suppresses inflammation through a novel Th2 pathway". The discussion focused on the mechanism of action of IVIg in autoimmune diseases. IVIg, which is a blood product of pooled immunoglobulins, is a treatment for various autoimmune diseases including MS, however it is not FDA approved for the treatment of MS.


Inhibikase Therapeautics has received FDA approval to begin a Phase II trial of a compound called IkT-001. This compound is intended to clear the body of JC virus, which is the virus that causes PML. PML is the serious brain infection which has been seen in patients on the MS medication called Tysabri. This study is primarily a safety and dosing study in a small number of patients who are receiving Tysabri.

Although the IMSMP is not participating in this small study at this time, we...


Dr. James Stark presented the following article at Journal Club this week:

Daclizumab in Active Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (CHOICE study): A phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, add-on trial with IFN-beta.

The article presents the results of the phase 2 daclizumab therapy trial. Daclizumab is a monoclonal antibody against a specific part of an immune cell. It is administered by subcutaneous injection once a month. The results showed that patients treated...


We are very pleased to report that Rebecca, a nurse at the IMSMP for several years, has completed her Nurse Practitioner training! Rebecca continued her exemplary work here while going to school, which is an impressive feet on its own. In her new role, Rebecca will work closely with Dr. Sadiq, as well as provide general medical services to employees. She will also join the team at Roosevelt Hospital, rounding on inpatients and participating at clinic.



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