Our Team of MS Specialists

Patients travel from around the globe for the unique experience at the IMSMP, where a team of expertly trained MS specialists and healthcare professionals provides an unparalleled level of care to our patients.

Our mission is to provide the best care in the world for people with multiple sclerosis. 

MS Specialists











The IMSMP is the only MS Center with a full-time staff of over 80. From nurses to administrators, our staff is dedicated to ensuring an unparalleled experience at our Center. In addition, other physicians with a range of specialties, including urology, urogynecology, orthopedics, pain management, neurosurgery and hematology, operate clinics within our practice at various times throughout the month. Every clinician is skilled and experienced in the service they offer including our naturopathic doctor, who complements your neurologist’s treatment with supplements, diet, exercise and other wellness techniques. The entire staff at the IMSMP is involved in managing your care. From morning meetings that outline the day (pictured above), to the neurologist conferences in which patients are discussed with the group of MS specialists, our philosophy is a team approach providing optimal care.


Because you deserve only the best in MS healthcare. Experience the difference.

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