Notice to ALL Patients at the IMSMP Regarding Coronavirus

Due to the recent public health announcement from the CDC regarding the Coronavirus, we ask that anyone who has traveled to China or other East Asian countries since January 1, 2020, to please reschedule any appointments at the IMSMP for a period of at least 14 days since returning to the United States. This also applies if you have been in direct contact with a person who has traveled to these locations during this time period, in which case we ask that you reschedule any upcoming visit for a period of at least two weeks after this contact. These precautions correlate with the known upper limit incubation period of the Coronavirus and are to mitigate any potential spread. As always, the best prevention is to use good antiseptic techniques such as proper handwashing and avoiding contact with individuals who are symptomatic or have traveled to affected areas. We greatly appreciate your cooperation with us in working together to help control this outbreak.

News Date : 
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 (All day)


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