The MS Research Center of NY Initiates $6 Million Expansion

The MS Research Center of New York, under the direction of Saud A. Sadiq, M.D., has begun the first phase of expanding its laboratory. The MSRCNY and IMSMP moved to their current 34,000 square foot location in April 2006 where it has been conducting some of the most cutting edge translational research in the world. The planned addition of 48,000 additional square feet will make the MSRCNY/IMSMP the largest MS research and treatment center in the world and an even more unique model of collaborative, bench to bedside research.

The current Center on the 4th floor will be remodeled to house a larger, more innovative laboratory and enhanced clinical facilities (See “International MS Management Practice Clinical Expansion” pg. 2). The novel, state-of-the-art lab will include an experimental model lab, a key component in generating pre-clinical data that contributes to translational research. The purchase of a $1 million electron microscope will enhance the new pathology lab’s investigative capabilities.

Pivotal to our regeneration efforts, a larger stem cell facility will provide dedicated areas for general cell culture, human embryonic and adult stem cells. Separate suites with hoods for cell culture will further our stem cell work. Separate entrances and exits, regulated air flow and outflow ventilation, and a clean room under sterile conditions will bring our stem cell facility to the most current standards.The cost of construction, purchasing and maintaining such a state-of-the-art lab is hefty. The cost of backup generators alone, which support the electrical power needed to maintain patient cells, will cost over $1 million. Construction of the new facilities is slated to begin July 2010, and is expected to openin December 2010. Dr. Sadiq is motivated to expand the facility, even in the midst of an economic recession, because the effects of multiple sclerosis are immune to social, political and economic trends. The expansion of the laboratory is necessary, according to Dr. Sadiq, in order to continue the pace of research that he believes has brought us in sight of the cause of MS and an ultimate cure. Further, construction and expansion will create jobs here in the U.S. Dr. Sadiq has never felt moved to ask each of his patients to help him find a cure, but many of you do ask him what you can do to help. “Thelaboratory research helps every single MS patient, whether newly-diagnosed or with advanced MS, because the hope for a cure is universal, and the work we do in the lab continues that hope,” states Dr. Sadiq. Construction cannot begin until the MSRCNY raises the first $5 million it will need to fund the expansion. “The first thing people think is ‘I can’t help…I don’t have any money. And they don’t need me because someone else has $1 million that they will contribute.’ Everybody has to help find a cure. Everybody. And anything you contribute is helpful, whether it’s $5 or $500,000. Whether you are on disability, whether you are wealthy. Literally, every $5 donation helps.” This exciting expansion in space and ideas will move the MSRCNY into the next decade of discovery, in which Dr. Sadiq believes his researchers will find the cause of MS. “How have you contributed to this growth?” Dr. Sadiq asks, “The only way you can is through a donation, to ensure that all of these things will be here for you to access.” Dr. Sadiq takes no salary for his research efforts. One hundred percent of the funds donated to the MSRCNY, which is audited by independent accountants, are spent on researching multiple sclerosis. Donations can be made online at or sent to MSRCNY 521.

News Date : 
Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 21:03


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