IMSMP Signs Lease For Additional 48,000 F2 To Expand Its Facility

The International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice (IMSMP), the 34,000 square foot research and treatment center dedicated to MS, has signed a lease for an additional 48,000 square feet. This makes it the largest establishment in the world committed to discovering the cause and cure for MS. 


The practice expansion will include a Wellness Center and two MRI machines, while the Research Center will expand to include a Stem Cell Research Complex and Experimental Disease Model Facility. Dr. Saud A. Sadiq serves as the IMSMP's Director. Under his vision, researchers and clinicians work side by side translating bench research into the best clinical care in the world.


"Our ability to make such a bold move in these times of economic uncertainty is a testament to our fundraising, deep philanthropic appreciation, and our drive to care and cure our valued patients," said Dr. Saud A. Sadiq. 


The expansion is driven by our patients’ needs for excellent clinical services and striving for a cure for MS. The details of the clinical expansion, including the MRI facility, yoga, nutrition and better amenities during long procedures, were suggested by our patients, and we have responded to your ideas. We encourage you to continue to suggest ways to improve during our expansion, so that we may work together toward an IMSMP that meets your individual needs.

News Date : 
Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 20:52


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