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Our Facilities at the IMSMP

The IMSMP, together with our research affiliate, the Tisch MS Research Center of New York opened its doors in 2006, occupying 34,000 square feet of space in midtown Manhattan. The space was constructed with a new vision for the traditional physician’s office. Renowned architects developed a beautiful design aesthetic and applied it to the functional requirements of a medical center. The large space is necessary to provide adequate facilities for our many divisions and yet was designed in such a way as to foster communication and interaction between those divisions.

Our initial success allowed us to expand. In January of 2010, the IMSMP announced its lease for an additional 48,000 square feet. The initial phase of the expansion consisted of the construction of an MRI Facility in 2012, followed by the building of our state-of-the-art Regenerative Medicine Laboratory in 2018. We are currently in the midst of expanding further to encompass a Wellness Center and Experimental Research Center. With over 80,000 square feet, we are currently the largest MS center in the world, all designed to deliver the very best of applied research and individual-based care for patients with MS.

Interactions with the MS specialists occur in one of four neurologist’s offices and twelve patient examination rooms. Visiting physicians have a consultation room and examination areas. The 750 square foot rehabilitation division includes the Physical Therapy Suite, Manual Therapy Suite, and Gait Paths. The social work suite consists of our three social workers’ offices, a private psychotherapy room, and a patient education room.

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